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Topex Battery Co., Ltd. was founded in September of 2002, and the total area of the campus facility is 136,000 square meters, including 70,000 square meters of manufacturing capacity area, which includes the completed infrastructure, assembly lines, advanced production equipment and technical department. The facilities are constantly improving to become a well-organized high-tech industry park. Topex engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of rechargeable polymer lithium-ion and LiFePO4 batteries. The company has a series of products, such as commercial e-vehicle batteries, industrial batteries, storage batteries, transportation batteries and other applications of batteries including medical equipment and smart phones. Topex has approved CE, UL, MSDS, UN38.8, ISO9001 etc. Topex adheres to the principles of "discipline, honesty, quality and innovation" in its business philosophy and works effectively to expand the product offering, improve product performance and to ensure customer's satisfaction.
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